Are There Laws That Govern Radon Testing and Mitigation?

Is radon testing required prior to a real estate transaction in the State of Minnesota? 
Currently there are no laws that require radon testing, although there is a law that requires disclosure at the time of sale if a home owner knows that there are elevated radon levels present in their home. It is beneficial for home owners to test and mitigate radon prior to listing their home to avoid potential negotiations over money for mitigation should the purchaser test the home and discover actionable radon levels.

The State of Minnesota Department of Health strongly recommends that potential home buyers request radon tests as a part of their purchase agreement.

Honest Home Inspection provides radon testing throughout the ten-county Twin Cities metro area. We work with home buyers, home sellers, and current home owners who simply want to know what the radon levels are in their home.

Are radon professionals licensed in the State of Minnesota?
There currently is no license requirement for radon testers, mitigators, or labs.

However, this will soon be changing!

Starting in October of 2017, a license will be required for, radon testers, radon mitigators, and radon laboratories doing business within the State of Minnesota. Drafts of the licensing requirements are already available for public review.

Honest Home Inspeciton, LLC, welcomes this change. We pride ourselves on the quality of our radon testing service and affiliated lab, Radalink.

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