Reducing Your Radon Exposure

Even if you discover high levels of radon in your home, it is relatively easy and affordable to have a mitigation system installed.

Mitigation systems are best installed by National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP) certified professionals.


Typically, a radon mitigation system involves inserting a pipe into the foundation of your home and exhausting it outdoors 12″ above the roofline. A fan can help create the vacuum to draw the radon from the soil. Once exhausted, the concentration is no longer at dangerous levels.

In general, radon mitigation system costs can range from approximately $800-$2500, with the average reduction system costing approximately $1500.

The Minnesota Department of Health offers this word of caution when hiring a radon mitigation professional: “Due to the recent increase in radon testing in Minnesota, consumers need to be aware of uncertified individuals conducting radon-related work. Be aware of uncertified installers and inexpensive mitigation rates (less than $1,000). Price quotes promising really low installation rates are often too good to be true and leave the consumer with sub-standard workmanship and materials and a radon system that may not be working. Be sure to get a firm price and avoid hidden fees for future work when it may become necessary. Also, do not pay for the system in full before the work is complete. A valid radon test showing reduced levels should be obtained prior to full payment.”

Additional Resources:Minnesota Department of Health’s page on Radon Mitigation Service Providers